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Wartime conditions were the reason why the watch did not appear in 1940, when it had been conceived. Mare Nostrum, the first chronograph ever made by the company, was intended for deck officers. However, events, including Italy's surrender, likely led to its premature death. Reissued in 42mm, the result was a realisation of drawings that were found in the few Florence archives that survived the 1966 flood.

The identification was Ref. 5218-301/A. The hefty case had two pushers and a manual wound ETA 2801 watch movement. It also featured a distinctive dial with two Paneristi argue that production numbers for pre-Richemont Omega Seamaster Replicas are fluid, like the sea.

Omega Seamaster Replica had the freedom to work from drawings, rather than re-releasing models after a prototype was discovered. The first-generation Mare Nostrums were available with dark blue dials or black and white bezels. At least two styles of bezels - engraved and rounded - have been identified.Richard Mille Replica But the Sylvester Stallone models, with Slytech branding on the dial and caseback, are what make collectors swoon. As a standard, the most common Mare Nostrum had a dark blue dial with an engraved tachymeter ring marked in kilometers.

The value of pre-Richemont Mare Nostrum varies, just as it does for the 21st century reissues. Mine was purchased in Milan in 1997 for an then-terrifying PS900. One of my best watch purchases ....